Contract Optimization

When you sign a contract with a carrier, you’re making a commitment that’ll affect your bottom line for years. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal while you’re still in the negotiating stage.

Most companies don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to know what the best deal is. It can take years of experience in the transportation industry before you get a sense of the best rates, the best terms, and what carriers will offer if asked.

For contract optimization that’ll make your operations more efficient and save you money, trust the Navigo team. We have the experience and insider knowledge to find savings that you may not know existed.

How Can We Help?

Carriers hate the term, “carrier negotiation”, because it implies that negotiation is possible, that carriers shouldn’t be able to force the same one-size-fits-all approach on every client. Navigo is here to tell you that it is possible to look for a better deal.

Most companies have outdated contracts that lack the most robust benefits. Even if you’ve already signed a contract with a carrier, we can audit it and advise you about how to proceed with the next step. Our team specializes in poring over the tiniest details and ironing out small inefficiencies.

What to Look For 

Contracts are of paramount importance; they’re the foundation for every business relationship. Your next contract should be:

  • Robust, including all the benefits and most favorable rates possible
  • Flexible, taking into account that market conditions can change rapidly
  • Fair, so that neither party feels that they’re being forced into an unfavorable arrangement
  • Clear, so that both parties understand the terms being agreed to

As the transportation industry has grown bigger and more complex, carrier contracts have also expanded. It only makes sense to bring in the experts to manage the intricate details that you may not have the time to manage yourself.

Let the Navigo team assist you with contract optimization so that your transportation and shipping arrangements can run as cheaply and efficiently as possible.


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