Distribution Analysis

Almost every business depends on the global supply chain for daily operations. If you sell a product or provide a service, the materials used in that product or service probably come from somewhere else, then are refined, assembled, and shipped to you. Most companies rely on carrier provided billing information to evaluate and audit their transportation spend. Unfortunately, the carriers do not offer the most robust reporting and make it difficult tor you to see where each of your shipping dollars go.

The complexities of this shipping process can overwhelm any business, especially one that lacks insider knowledge of the transportation industry. That’s where Navigo can save you time and money. Most of the services we provide to clients are under the umbrella of distribution analysis, which is a data analysis of the shipping your company uses and how to reduce its cost.

For contract optimization that’ll make your operations more efficient and save you money, trust the Navigo team. We have the experience and insider knowledge to find savings that you may not know existed.

Freight Cost Analysis

Using our proprietary software, we conduct customized analyses to provide you with a detailed report of all your shipping expenditures. This information allows shows you areas where you are overspending, and the impact of all of the hidden carrier surcharges. These can help us benchmark your rates and services against current market conditions, which allows us to suggest improvements.

Many companies don’t realize how much they can save on shipping by optimizing more favorable rates, taking advantage of discounts and refunds, and even switching carriers. A freight cost analysis can point the way forward, showing you how to improve your operations.

Supply Chain Optimization

Distribution analysis allows us to see how your business interacts with the global supply chain. As the world has seen recently, global trade is so interconnected that factory closures and slowdowns in one country reverberate worldwide. Even something as simple as a stuck container vessel can cause delays and raise prices.

Though it’s impossible to predict future shipping conditions with perfect accuracy, it is very possible to plan for contingencies and build buffers into your shipping arrangements. For example, if your business urgently needs a certain item or material on hand, we can prioritize that item when suggesting changes and improvements.

Our freight auditing can help your business save real money. For most of our clients, we are able to achieve a 15-30% reduction in shipping costs, which can make a real difference no matter how large or small your company is. With this detailed assessment and knowledge you will be in a much stronger position to understand how your carrier agreements are impacting your spend and open the door to implementing a carrier agreement that works for you and not just the carriers.

Contact Navigo for distribution analysis on your current shipping arrangements. Our diligence and expertise has been generating savings for our clients for over 25 years.


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