Navigo Methods

Phase One: Contract Benchmarking and Analysis
Phase Two: Customized RFP
Phase Three: Implementation

We begin by evaluating your current expenditures and requirements. With your agreement, Navigo will customize a negotiation strategy for your business needs. Our review of your shipping expenditures goes beyond rates and services. Not only do we help you determine whether you are paying too much for your base mailing and shipping costs, but also we identify ways to maximize productivity and operational efficiencies.

Moreover, Navigo offers a risk-free, contingency-based compensation model. Our services require no up-front fees or charges. Unless we deliver new savings, our services are free. Navigo is only compensated based on a percentage of the actual, verifiable new savings we generate.

Our role as consultants and our working relationships with distribution suppliers ensures that you receive the lowest rates for your volume and revenue. Moreover, Navigo'ôs collaborative approach improves the buyer/vendor relationship due to more effective communication and mutual understanding of requirements and expectations.

Over the past 10 years, Navigo has developed and refined a Three-Phase Consulting Process as follows:

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