Almost every company that does business today has to deal with shipping costs. If you sell a product or provide a service, you depend on carriers to get your goods from place to place. Shipping costs can be a big drain on a company’s operating expenses. Many carriers offer refunds or discounts, but it can be time-consuming to survey your options and negotiate the best deals.

That’s where Navigo comes in. With our decades of experience in the transportation sector, we find you the best ways to save on shipping. Our clients see an average reduction in shipping costs of 15-30%, which can really add up over time.


The global supply chain is complex, interconnected, and difficult to navigate. The proliferation of just-in-time delivery means that any break in the chain is felt worldwide in the form of delays and additional expenses.


We also help you optimize carrier contracts to get the best deals on shipping and take advantage of discounts. Many companies that believe they already have the best deal are surprised to find that they have other options available. Dealing with carrier contracts is time-consuming and requires specific expertise that most companies don’t have. We take care of these details so you don’t have to.

We also assist you with package auditing and securing any refunds that are owed you. It should be no surprise that carriers make the process of claiming refunds more obscure than it needs to be. Billions of potential refunds go unclaimed every year because companies don’t have the time or resources to claim them. Fortunately, securing you the savings that you’re owed is exactly what we do.

At Navigo, our shipping consulting services have saved clients money for over 25 years. Contact us and learn just how much your company can save on shipping costs.


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