More than half of most companies’ total logistics expenditures are in transportation. In fact, shipping alone accounts for about 6% of corporate revenues. This means that saving on shipping costs can have a sizable impact on your bottom line.

There are many ways to cut shipping costs, starting with contract optimization and continuing through least cost routing and claiming refunds. The Navigo team has decades of experience in the transportation industry, helping companies to find these workarounds and generate significant savings.

The first step in cutting down shipping costs is during the contract review process with your carrier. If you already have an agreement in place, we can audit it and give you advice on what to ask for in the next round. If you’re about to enter into a FedEx agreement, UPS agreement, or talks with another carrier, we can show you how to secure the most favorable rates.


Many companies believe they’re already getting the best possible deal from their carrier, only to be surprised when we take a look at their contract and inform them that they could be saving much more. We are typically able to find savings for our clients of 15-30%.


The principle behind least cost routing is simple. We analyze all shipments to find the least expensive option. This can mean surprising solutions like varying your modes of transportation or switching carriers. Least cost routing enables you to maximize the efficiency of your shipping operations, take advantage of carriers’ supply chain solutions, therefore saving shipping costs.

Efficient logistics are the foundation of any successful enterprise that involves transporting large amounts of goods or materials. Navigo can analyze your current logistics and shipping methods and implement changes that result in significant shipping cost reductions. We’re here to make sure that your business succeeds.


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