For every business that relies on large-scale shipping, delays and mistakes are inevitable. Packages are lost, contents are damaged, shipments arrive at the wrong place or time. Most businesses expect to write off losses incurred due to shipping.

However, most carriers offer service guarantees that businesses fail to take advantage of. These refunds can add up to substantial savings and help defray some of your operating expenses. At Navigo, we are experts at helping our clients secure all the shipping refunds that they’re owed.

Claiming a refund is not an overly complicated process. However, each year billions of dollars in potential shipping refunds go unclaimed, simply because businesses don’t have the time or manpower to file claims. With Navigo, you’ll have a team on your side specifically dedicated to claiming your refunds and saving you money.


Most businesses today must interact with the global supply chain as part of daily operations. Today’s supply chain involves the shipping of millions of tons of freight around the world by ship, train, truck, and plane. In the process of shipping, things inevitably go wrong. There can be bottlenecks, factory closures, vehicle accidents. Keeping track of all these costs is usually too much for a company with limited resources to handle. That’s why Navigo specializes in freight auditing to get you the discounts and refunds that can make your business even more profitable.

Auditing each package manually is inefficient and time-consuming. The standard in the transportation industry is automated package tracking that flags any errors and calculates costs. At Navigo, we assist in tracking your packages, domestically and internationally, to claim any refunds that are owed.


We are a completely carrier-neutral service. We are not affiliated with any of the established carriers and we do not receive compensation from them. However, we are very familiar with the refund claiming process for each carrier, and our neutrality enables us to help you no matter which carrier you have signed with.

Some of the specific carriers we can help you with include:

  • UPS refunds
  • Fedex Refunds

By working with Navigo, you’re saving yourself the trouble of keeping track of different refund policies from different entities. Contact Navigo to learn how much you can save on shipping refunds alone. We perform a custom assessment on each client’s business to learn about your material needs and carrier contracts so we can optimize your logistics. Refunds are a powerful source of savings if you are aggressive and timely in claiming them.


We are experienced at working with the industry’s major carriers and are adept at navigating each company’s policies. We do not receive compensation or kickbacks from any carrier. This carrier-neutral policy is essential to maintaining our integrity and helping our clients find the best deals available, rather than steering clients toward a particular carrier every time.

To save you the most shipping dollars possible, we offer a web-based freight auditing and payment service. This service allows you to code and pay freight invoices from all major carriers much faster than with traditional paper invoices. It also makes it much easier to identify overcharges and request credits and refunds.

Best of all, regular web-based shipping reports provide ample data to help you forecast expenditures and prepare for future vendor contracts and agreements.

Navigo’s freight auditing services can help any company save on shipping costs. Whether you need FedEx auditing, UPS auditing, or help with any other major carrier, our expertise and professionalism will help your company grow and prosper.


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