Strategic Sourcing

When taking stock of your company’s shipping and transportation needs, it can be easy to get wrapped up in small details: how much am I paying for this service monthly? Should I opt for air or ground transport for a specific item?

But by focusing on these small details, it becomes possible to lose sight of the big picture. Strategic sourcing refers to the process of evaluating your shipping and transportation operations as a whole and driving down the total price as much as possible. At Navigo, we’re experts at assessing your company’s operations and suggesting improvements that increase efficiency and decrease cost.

Modal Optimization

We live by the simple motto: the right service for the right price for the right delivery commitment. For example, if you’re shipping an item by air for $25 per pound, and you could be shipping the same item on the ground for $10 per pound and have it arrive at the same time, this is a simple adjustment you could make to save money.

We also evaluate whether your company is using the right carrier for your needs. If you’re shipping internationally, which most companies are, can other carriers supplement your international supply chain solution? If you’re shipping regionally, is there a regional carrier specializing in West Coast deliveries, East Coast deliveries, etc, that meshes well with your operations?

Continuous Re-Evaluation

Conditions for the shipping industry can change rapidly in response to market surges or crashes, labor shortages, supply shortages, natural disasters, and even pandemics, as we’ve seen recently. Staying on top of these changing conditions requires continuous re-evaluation of your sourcing activities.

When you work with Navigo, you work with a team who’s committed to the long-term success of your organization. We work to make sure that your operations are flexible and can adjust to unforeseen events. Companies that are able to stay on top of and even anticipate future conditions are companies that set themselves up for success.

Contact Navigo to learn more about strategic sourcing and how it can benefit your company. We use our proprietary analysis tools to generate a complete picture of your operations and identify actionable tactics for improvement.


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